Sunday, May 30, 2010

family day & ISO training course @ Port Dickson

28,29,30 may 2009
ultimate builders (my beloved company) handle an ISO training couses and family day @ Tiara Beach Resort port dickson.. its been a while since my last time being there about 4 years ago.
actually it is a " sambil menyelam minum air" . this activities has been not approved by mngmnt. so we do it illegaly with budget sponsored by our sub-con..(thanks guys).

28 may 9.30 a.m
- i'll go to office 1st to get file and rechargeable battery.. i met someone before i go.. (Alhamdulillah)
- pick up lyzza, and straight away to KL
- on the way, En karim call, he want to go with us so we have to pick him up at shah alam
- around 1.00 pm we arrive s.alm and straight away to PD
- jamm...hmm a phenomenon during holiday @ Malaysia which we can avoid
- arrived PD around 3.00 pm..

28 may 4.30 pm
- 3 of us go out around PD
- we eat ABC and curry mee@ stall (nicee)
-we went for a shopping @ pantai teluk kemang which i bought Tshirt and short pants.
- reach hotel near 7.00 a.m
- get ready for night activity.

28 maY 8.30 pm
- ISO courses. training has been given by our ISO consultant en Mohidi..bit boring..but luckily he quite a good presentator
- after courses, straight away to room and sleep..zzzzzzzzz

29 may 8.30a.m
- after breakfast, courses started......until 4.30, nothing much to say bout this heheee..
- 5.00 pm, we went to telok kemang again, this time with faiz and nurul (PE sarawak). this time we take a lot of picture and lepak @ stall there..
8.30 pm-10.30 pm..again ISO courses..

30 may 8.30 pm
- went to beach area to participate in sukaneka. my fisrt tought, this must be lame..but after i take part in it,,it quite cool, everybody very sporting and supportive.
- i was in a group with en karim, en hafiz, mr john and their family.
-the game such as fill in bottle with water, lari ikat kaki (so sweet when husband and wife take part), pakaian beragam and others
- the best part is lucky draw. i got RM 50 voucher by parkson, my TA liza, go RM 500..wauuu
-my group is first runner up for the game and we got picture frame as present (ok laa)

baling belon...(my group)

 (liza) and me

me & her again at teluk kemang (shopping time)

ipoh team & muara tuang team

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