Monday, May 10, 2010


should i start my blog with an introduction of who am i?. of course i'm the blogger daaa...
okey, my name as stated at above. i stayed at ipoh (so far), i work as a project engineer at Ultimate Builders SB.( hopefully i will become an ultimate engineer one day). i love my job it is becoz I study 8 years in civil engineering. i try to became a good person each days that i've given opportunity by Allah (InsyaAllah).

my family
i am 1st daughter from 4 siblings. i have 1 elder brother and 2 little sister. of course i love my nukleus family soo much. ( i still did not owned my family yet). my abah and mak has equip me with good education and way of life..Alhamdulillah.

my friend

so far i met a lot of wonderful friends along my way of life this far. a lot of politech, i found a good friends who help me to realize about my responsibility towards Allah and m
people that i can call sahabat or BFF (maybe). when i at yself, when i @KL (working) my housemate and colleagues is a wonderful girls, and when i pursue my degree at USM ( the most wonderful moments in my life), i met this girl, a good and responsible person but Allah is love her more (Al-Fatihah). now at my office, i still met a good people who tought me alot of of good things regarding my works..

Rasulullah [SallAllahu Alayhi WaSallam]
said, "A man follows the religion of his friend; so each one should
consider whom he makes his FRIEND." (Abu Dawud Book 41 No. 4815)

my friends (USM 2009) my colleagues (UBSB 2009)

i think, enough about my self... i will use this blog massively to spread what i've learned and what i thought...yaaaaa...

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