Saturday, May 29, 2010

trip to KL city center - my first drive

actually i had working in KL about 4 years ago, at golden triangle. but during that time i only use public transportation (buses,LRT, komuter,taxi). i recognize all the place well, but i dont know driveway..haha

the story started when my adik have to go 2 kursus at TM centre jalan semarak KL, and she ask me to send her i guess why not, boleh try drive kt KL. then i tought, kt KL banyak kawan bole mtk tolong kalau sesat. calon2 kawan2 i2 of course Azahar (KL boy).

dr kol 10 da bertolak dr ipoh, send my youngest sister to Matrix gopeng and straight away to KL, punch card to my friends, msg2 mana2 yg patut utk tujuan SOS. my first target of course Mr Azahar, n 2nd target is Lin ( because i miss her much).

i arrive KL about 2.00 pm, straight away to TMTC jalan semarak. my first tought " ooh senang je jupe tmpt ni". then we want to find hotel for my sister. she didnt prepared well, she did not search hotel or get any information . so we stop at one expensive mamak stall near KLCC.
Alhamdulillah, Azahar give a lot of help. he kkep calling me, asking my condition. actually we got terribly lost (until Ulu Kelang), ke keep going round and round chow kit-kampung baru -jalan temper is gone.. luckily my sister is driving. i keep calling azahar asking for direction..last2 we just follow our instinct..and we found Adamson Hotel. 5.30 p.m....lastly...

then i called lin, ask her to lepak2 with me. around 7, she arrived, after say maghrib prayer, we go out to find LRT station kg baru, again we get lost this time until sentul..but we managed it well, we found LRT and we lepak at famous kampung baru. we did Ho Chak hehe..

by tomorrow, my sister so confident to drive so i leave my car to her, and i go back to Ipoh with bus... my journey to KL, end here. what i learn, InsyaAllah i gain my confident to explore places with my baby PHT hehe..

by this time. i am very grateful becoz i get a beautiful familyand supportive friends all the way.. thanks guys (azahar and lin)

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