Sunday, June 13, 2010

my friend wedding and Gopenghagen

-my friends, Shila getting married on this day. another person from my batch has ended a single life story. actually 12/6 is her reception at her house. she perform her nikah a day before.
-because that day, i still have to work, so i went to her kenduri with underdress, i wear my working clothes (t-shirt and jeans).
- i came a bit early, because i dont want anybody bothered with my attire actually, and if we came early we can visit bilik pengantin and taking personal pictures with pengantin.
- I and shila actually is became a friends by chance. she and me get a job at subang and shah alam at the same time. so we used to stayed together at ara damansara. we also used to get lost together when finding a house and merayap together at weekends at KL.
- i'm happy for her, hopefully she enjoyed her marriage life and happily ever after..

me and her at bilik pengantin

a week before she became Mrs Shila..(at apex and ijan reception, serdang)

-because i dont go back to my hometown this week, i decided to visit my youngest sister at matrix gopeng aka gopenghagen.
- she already give me her list of toiletries, i think this is what my parents feel each time they pay us for a visit during our study time.
- before go there, i get a breakfast at mcD, poor her, long time she did not eat McD for breakfast.
- arrive there, we breakfast at cafe. have a chit chat, and i take a tour around the place.
-MasyaAllah, it is really beutiful places ( in term of scenery) a good landscape...(bravo to the construction team of that place)

at masjid ( how the create an oxidation pond as a landscape) like floating mosque (but to think, i quite gross)

fields, surround by slope, like collesium

still, oxidation pond..


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