Thursday, June 3, 2010

i get a good experience from my boss. i follow him to STP, earthwork are doing massively there (back filling work to reach appropriate level). so i, him and mr azahar going there to determine suitable earthwork profile because our STP subcon construct blower house at wrong level. so the blower house is lower than STP ground beam ( bit weird).

- my boss thought me how to adjust it on site, by doing sloping from STP beam to blower house beam
- we also determine the boundary for backfilling around STP area. it just involved with measurement according to drawing.
- determine earthwork profile. around chainlink is level, at back a bit sloping and ensure road allignment got a perfect measurement.
-after that, i went around site, check out a road rectification ( temporarily for access), earthwork are progressing massively.
- i learn how to arrange machinaries, work progress and how to backcharging others party due to their late start (hehe)
-even it just a simple thing, but i quite excited..i learn a new thing every day..
-thanks En Din, thanks Azahar. I adore both of u....

backfilling work (STP)

backfilling work (STP)


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