Friday, March 4, 2011

wani farewell

wani/shazwani is my housemate since around april/may 2010 rasenye..(da x ingat hehe)
end of february she is leaving our house to pursue her career at KL..
so for the last time, 4 of us went out together, have a simple dinner and acara terbaek is karaoke..

what can i summarize about her
1) sweet
2) rajin ( selalu sapu rumah, potong rumput, buang sampah) hehehe..
3) bakal bertunang bulan 6 ni (insyaAllah)
4) mmg sekepala ngan kitaorang..

i hope wani will success in her new job and have a happy live all the way..

this is wani

3 of them (photographer wannabe x de dlm ni)

gambar sabotaj (hahaha)


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