Monday, December 26, 2011

A slight problem

traffic management & repairing work

percaya tak, dulu-dulu, (not so "dulu" la...) bila nampak orang repair highway or yang berkaitan dengan highway,
aku selalu berangan yang aku akan ada disitu suatu hari nanti (insyaAllah).
Alhamdulillah, my pray were answered yesterday and a day before. (even a few difficulties and sentapness arises)

actually ada something happened at my highway  which need use contra flow method.
the preparation was not easy..
imagine we have to stay at site from 11.00 a.m to 10.00 p.m (without going to toilet, haha..)
it involved a lot of planning and approval from management level.

Alhamdulillah, facing the problem like this made me learn a lot of things from my seniors
Our manager En Mohamad was a big help for us
experienced in highway business almost 15 years
this thing is kacang la for him
but for me...waaahh...i'm so pening, dont know what to do..

with the help and cooperation from everyone,
the contra flow only can be started at 2.20 a.m
rugi jugak x dapat ada kat sana,  at 9.30 p.m, they asked me to leave because i'm a woman (soo untung hahaha)

the contra flow maybe cause some congestion at site, but it is only for 1.5 km, after that it is very very free flow 
for our highway user, sorry for the inconvenienced.

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  1. Dah invovled in maintenance, should come here and learn how it was constructed. More headache! Hehehe.

  2. zara: sblm ni ada join construction..mmg headache, tapi seronok..
    maintenance pening nak arrange kerja + deal with people

  3. Contraflow dekat stretch tu guna movable cone kah? kalau ada gabar mungkin boleh kongsi. Thanks

  4. yes, movable cones, gambar kat opis..later i'll share :-)