Tuesday, February 7, 2012

lunch dalam taman-The Garden

one weekend ngan housemate aku
sebab lepas ni dia dah nak pindah,(she's pursuing her study in PhD)
so, kami pon plan girls day out, book tiket wayang kat alamanda (tempat hangout rutin)
tgk cerita the mysterious island,
the movie start at 5.30, we arrived there around 3.00, so we decided to have our lunch at The Garden restaurant.
it is a lovely restaurant with a very beautiful decoration and interior.
memang macam lunch dalam taman

semua gambar menggunakan kamera handphone 5 MP.

sangat lovely

lemon hazelnut

melayu sungguh-nasi jugak hehe

earl grey (tea set) + lemon tea (lovely glass)

the price is quite reasonable for a wonderful dining experience.


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